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Mexican Art Lovers

Mexican Art Lovers is inspired by the love for ancient Mexican Art and traditions, Being a Mexican/Belgian family it was easy for us to travel to Mexico often. On one of these travels we met a promising, talented young artist. That is when we decided to bring Mexico to Belgium! Discover what our art can do for you and your interior!


Photoworks PVG


Nitra Art



Jean-Pierre Letienne

tattoo, paintings, drawings


A young artist from Bruges whose work can be viewed in various cities in Belgium and abroad. He went to the School Of Arts in Ghent and came into contact with graffiti and street art. It’s therefore Wietses goal to print his marks on the world.


Jamie Olivier

is a starting artist. She’s 27 years old and now starting to find her own way in the art world. She’s always been creative and hopefully she’ll always be! She loves painting and tattoos and hopes that she can inspire someone someday, like many inspired her.

Agathe Dupire

French artist living between France and The Netherlands. After many years in fashion, she needed to find a new way to create, something enabling her to develop her creative skills further. At a concert in Luxemburg, she saw an artist wearing a mask. That was the start…

If the eyes are the gate to our soul, the face is a door to our emotions. A mask can be used as a mirror, to become someone else and tell stories of life, dreams, hopes, fear and disappointment.

Foto 1-09-19 om 15.54
Skawager - Ruinam Sapientia - glass dome +- 30 x 50cm- Bio Assemblage ( steenuil )


In 2012, Raf Veulemans and Miranda Schildermans decided to transform their occasional partnership into a permanent art project : Skawager.
Both artists have a deep concern about the state of the world and nature in particular. Skawager brings together the worlds of both artists and wants to make a statement and create an awareness. The artworks are sometimes subtle and sometimes explicit. Science, art and nature come together in bio-assemblages. Paintings and etchings are edit to make it more complete. Like scavengers, the artists are inspired and work a lot with dead materials.

ArtCube, Hurstweg 8 9000 Ghent, BE


19/1011:00 - 02:00
20/1011:00 - 21:00

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