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Harley-Davidson Gent

Harley Davidson, a prime example of Tattoo, Art & Fashion. A lot of bikers have tattoos, many bikes are a true piece of art. Their clothing and apparel line suits the taste of a lot of people. This is why Harley Davidson Gent was one of the first in line to support us. Besides sponsoring TAFGhent…

9K Dok Noord

Known for their iconic ”Ik ben een bear” and “ik ben een bang bang saapjen” sweaters and shirts. Check ’em out.

King Cobra Fuse

These guys have been travelling all over Europe with their fantastic shirts and merchandise. Seeing they’re from Ghent they couldn’t miss out.

Sweet P

Retro & vintage fashion alert! Sweet P will be setting up their shop at TAFGhent. They’re going all out with a booth designed just for us. Come and check them out.

Eskimofabriek, Wiedauwkaai 23 9000 Ghent, BE


20/1011:00 - 02:00
21/1011:00 - 21:00

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