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We will be back

Good news! #TeamTafghent has had a couple of weeks rest and we are going to start planning the next edition! Working with the feedback you keep providing us we don’t want to make it bigger but much better! This is why we start by moving to the ArtCube in Ghent. If you want to be...

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Debbie Zandvoort

One more sleep till TAFGhent and we have a special announcement for you! Not only Inked Sephora will be at TAFGhent, she’s bringing along Debbie Zandvoort Tattoo Artist at Amore Tattoo Art but guess what… She’s a tattoo artist and will be setting up shop at TAFGhent! Want to be tattooed by a by a lucious model? Be there...

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Revolver Tattoos

Revolver Tattoos is one of the last shops we can announce. Benny Zwertvagher and Tattootom Verhaeghe will be tattooing at TAFGhent! They’re already fully booked but Benny still has some time left to pierce. See you at TAFGhent

Funestik tattoo

Last minute confirmations. Funestik Tattoo – Fabrizio Funelli has just booked one of the last booths available a TAFGhent. We’re all so excited and can’t wait to see you at TAFGhent!  

Hannelore Jacobs

TAFGhent is going to be amazing! That’s why we’re going to bring you amazing shows during the weekend. One of them will be Hannelore Jacobs. Let her dazzle and mesmerize you with her aerial and contortion acts. See you there!

ArtCube, Hurstweg 8 9000 Ghent, BE


19/1011:00 - 02:00
20/1011:00 - 21:00

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