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Saturday 20/10doors open at 11h00

13hFashion show King Cobra
13h30Alain Smits
13h45Fashion show Sweet P
14h15Hannelore Jacobs
14h45Fashion show Harley Davidson
15h15Blue Riot Combo
16h15Hannelore Jacobs
16h45Fashion show 9K
17h15Alain Smits
18h00Fashion show lingerie
18h20Tattoo awards
19h30Hannelore Jacobs
21h30Forward Motion Collective
02h00Doors closed

Sunday 21/10doors open at 11h00

13hFashion show King Cobra
13h30Hannelore Jacobs
13h45Alain Smits
14h05Fashion show Sweet P
14h45Blaze Up Records
15h45Fashion show Harley Davidson
16h20Hannelore Jacobs
16h40Alain Smits
17h00Fashion show 9K
17h30Presentation of our guests
18h15Fashion show lingerie
19h00Tattoo awards
21h00End of TAFGhent 2018

ArtCube, Hurstweg 8 9000 Ghent, BE


19/1011:00 - 02:00
20/1011:00 - 21:00

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